Erine Grey @ Aunt Bertha


Client: Aunt Bertha

Date: June 2014

Skills: Design, Development

Demo: TEDx Hamburg: The Impending Human Services Traffic Jam

In June of 2013, I met with Erine Gray, CEO and Founder of

Erine is an entrepreneur with the heart of a nonprofit executive director. As you can gather from the demonstration video on YouTube, Erine's family was challenged with a crisis, one that defined his entrepreneurial trajectory. When his mother was diagnosed with a serious brain condition, his family was at a loss for what to do or where to ask for help.

The Consultation

Erine already had a compelling story, one that resonated with VC investors through two rounds before we met. What Erine needed for his TEDx Hamburg presentation was a short video clip that reiterated his point: searches made through showed people in crisis, and that data can be used to prepare for the next crisis as well.